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$ 3,400,000.00


REMAX Costa Rica offering Costa Rica farm for sale!

Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is a prestigious farm and forest boasting 785 acres nestled inTurrialba, Costa Rica.  It’s not just another farm and forest on the market for sale, it’s a piece of Costa Rica’s paradise. Combined with vibrant nature, stunning views, plentiful terrain, horses, farm animals, livestock and income producing activities, makes Turrialaba Dream Haven Farm an unique five star location for development in agriculture, resort, theme park or just your private farm.

Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is surrounded by amazing views of rolling mountains and the Turrialba Volcano. Nature here is vibrant with wildlife, matured trees and a privileged access to the famous Pacaure River. The moment you enter Turrialba Dream Haven Farm and gaze, you will be enthralled by its nature.

About The Terrain:

Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is located about 3 hours of driving time east of San Jose airport at an altitude between levels of 984 feet to 2296 feet. From Limon,driving time is 2 and a half hours. Highways and roads from San José to Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is a 100% asphalt which allows any type of vehicle to reach the farm. Two main roads can be taken, either the Route 10 through Turrialba or Route 32 Limón road taking a detour at Siquirres.

Combined with ideal climate and soil, farming coffee to cocoa is a success. Coffee and cocoa are grown at Turrialba Dream Haven Farm. There are two varieties of coffee grown, Obata and Costa Rica 95.

About The Infrastructure:

Turrialba Dream Haven Farm has all utilities installed such as water, electric, telephone and internet. The main road throughout the farm are gravel and some secondary roads are dirt.

About The Adventure:

An abundance of trails throughout the farm and forest makes Turrialba Dream Haven Farm ideal for mountain bike riding, horseback riding and hiking tours. Hiking tours offer bird watchers a variety of bird species to gaze throughout the day. In addition, the red eye tree frog and blue jean frog, can be seen on the hiking trails.  The famous Pacaure River borders the backyard of Turrialba Dream Haven Farm, offering category 3 to 4 rapids for both kayak and rafting enthusiasts.

About The Nature:

Not only can you see the famous red eye tree frog, but from time to time catch a glimpse of Toucans and Sloths. Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is nestled within the Barbilla-Destierro biological sub-corridor also known as "El Paso delJaguar" and adjacent with the Cabécar Indigenous Reserve; a privileged location and home to hundreds of bird species, mammals, reptiles, insects and an immense variety of plants and trees that are the delight of biologists, botanists and visitors of Turrialba Dream Haven Farm.

About The Farm Animals:

Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is also home to cows, goats, ducks, sheep and horses. Blanco, Rojo and Patas de Chicle are so friendly, calm and great for horseback riding!

Active Income Producing:

Turrialba Dream Haven Farm currently receives income from:

-River rafting entry fees.

-Conservation plan with ICE-BID-FONAFIFO.



-Main house,“La Cabana” - 3 rooms, mezzanine, living room, kitchen, 2.5 bathrooms

-Small cabin, “La Cabantia’’ with kitchenette and bathroom - Capacity: 6 people

-Keepers house - 2 rooms, 1 bathroom, garage, guests’ room

-Bathrooms for external tourists practicing rafting

-Warehouse and corral

-Two BBQ ranchs - one near the main house and another with the view towards the Pacuare River

I have personally enjoyed the farm, its nature and tours.  That said I found it to be thrilling and tranquil to both my mind and soul. Turrialba Dream Haven Farm is a great piece of Costa Rica paradise that can be yours and your family for many generations to come. Contact me today! We are reviewing all reasonable offers.


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